Habits of an Effortless Chick

Habits of an Effortless Chick

Stylish Trends vs. Classic Chicness

When it comes to fashion, fashion is simple, fashion is fun, and when it comes to fashion always stay true to yourself and buy what you like. If you’re not comfortable in it, don’t make purchases on items just because they’re trending or in season. Experiment with trends only after you’ve invested in what suits you.

Get to know your shape and what looks good on your body type. It’s always a plus if you have a stylish associate that can be honest and who understands and appreciates your style. I’m all for people wearing what they love. But make sure you’re aware of what looks flattering on your figure. The flyest one-piece jumper might look beautiful on the mannequin but if the fit doesn’t flatter your body, that once cute jumper will look like a tsunami hit you.

Layer Up

To all my “Effortless Chick’s” always have a few button-down blouses to layer your clothes. You can effortlessly tuck the end of one side of your blouse in your pant or perhaps tie the ends of your blouse in a knot, this look is considered to be a classic chic look. Also, a turtleneck is a must-have when layering. It can be worn under a short sleeve dress to create casual layering. Several blazers, such as black, red and a denim blazer are essential for the chic you. Blazers can be worn with a nice pant rather black, red, and perhaps white or grey. There’s an endless amount of chicness you can discover when you enter into the world of layering. A cardigan sweater is always a plus when layering clothing. It will add style to your look of the day.

Breaking Bad Shopping Habits

To be an Effortless Chick you must get out of the habit of impose shopping as it creates clutter of the unwanted and, “Why do I keep purchasing these unwanted, unused pieces”. Try turning those bad habits into crafty iconic fashion habits of being chic while creating your personal style when shopping for specifics. Trends are great to experiment with but it is imperative to develop your signature style based on your personal desire to be chic.


Accessories are key, which makes all the difference in the world of fashion and style when it comes to being chic. Stacking your bracelets as in wearing three or more bracelets on one arm at a time makes for fun accessorizing. Hats are very chic and should not be worn only during bad hair days. A sexy fedora with your hair laying long or in a ponytail is extremely chic. An effortless chick with short rocking a fedora will have everyone in the room knocking over chairs inquiring about her style. Also layering attached necklaces can make your outfit less basic and more stylish. Oversized belts are a beauty when worn with an A-line skirt or perhaps an untucked blouse.

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